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MacBook Pro / Air Trackpad Replacement

You are experiencing the trackpad issue such as a stuck mouse cursor, Non-functioning click button, Liquid damage, mouse discontinuity? We will provide you a professional service with a new trackpad and affordable price.

** Eligible models : All size models (Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air)
** Price and availability : Request A Quote or Call 201.338.2275

Hard Drive Upgrade & Data Back-up

This service for backing up your valuable data from damaged or slow hard drive, and upgrade to new hard drive.

  • Damaged hard disk drives
  • Damaged or corrupted File systems
  • Slow performance, lots of reading time.
  • Mac which will not boot.
** If your old hard drive has suffered severe physically failure, or is overly corrupted - data retrieval may not be possible.

** Eligible models : All models (iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air)

[Free Diagnostic] Any problem! we can run tests and diagnostics to pin-point the problem. And you will get an estimate at prompt.

Charging Port Repair (not charging)

If you have a loose or broken charger where you plug in the power on your mac, or it works intermittently, you could have a bad charging port.  We fix/replace the port perfectly.

- Move the power plug and the mac loses connection
- Broken or cracked port
- Mac won’t charge but worked on battery
- Charging Sign flicker when the adapter tip is moved
- Battery won’t charge
- Feels very loose or wobbly where you plug it in.

Please include your power adapter with the mac.

** Eligible models : All size models (Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air)

Mac (iMac, MacBook Pro / Air) Logic Board Repair

Fixing a defective logic board is a cost effective way to have your MacBook Pro / Air, iMacs up and running instead of a replacement board or buying a new computer. With state of the art tools and equipment, instead of replacing the complete logic board, we will replace the burned, defective or faulty components including connectors, diodes and chips on your existing logic board with new components. And our experienced technicians are competent to diagnose and repair a wide range of logic board problems including:

- No video & Distorted or scrambled video /GPU Fail
- Mac beeps and does not boot & turn on at all
- Data / USB / Charging ports not working
- Mac freezes / restarts unexpectedly / randomly shuts down
- Liquid or water damage
- Mac computer overheating
- Graphics processing unit (GPU) failure

** More questions : Call 201.338.2275

Mac Water Damage Repair

You spilled water on a MacBook Air/Pro and it turned off almost instantly. What to do now? Follow the instructions of this guide to minimize the liquid damage and increase the survival chance of your water damaged MacBook. And you need to contact with your local repair shop like us as soon as possible.

1. Switch OFF the water-damaged MacBook immediately.
2. Unplug the charger if it’s still connected to the water-damaged MacBook.
3. Prevent water from dripping into the vent holes and unplug any peripherals.
4. Remove the battery from the water-damaged MacBook
5. Drain the MacBook while waiting for professional MacBook water damage repair.
6. A word on the hairdryer and the legend of using rice.(*Do not blow a hirdryer directly to the keyboard and front screen)

** More questions : Call 201.338.2275