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iPulse Downtown Hoboken
“iPulse started with iPod Classic, 2009!”
“They fixed my iPhone for water damage!”
We provide a broad range of service from Micro Repair of circuit board to general repair like screen replacement.
We offer a high quality smartphone, tablet, Mac & PC, Drone, and electronics repair service,( including all repair on the OEM quality).
"These guys are awesome! Really fast!"
We know a customer’s time and data is valuable more than gold.
“Fast and Perfectly!”
Is the motto of our service.

Our efforts created the services like below:

“ iPhone screen repair – 5 minutes DONE!
Water Damage repair – 1 hour DONE!

Macbook Pro HDD & OS install – 20
minutes DONE! ”

Even now, we are working hard to enhance our techniques to break the trade off of cost-quality-time regardless of Day or Night